MOT Time

So with the MOT test booked for Monday the weekend was spent tidying up little bits and piling up a few spares and some tools ready for the first drive to the MOT station. A couple of gallons of fuel were added to take the gauge off the empty line and took it almost to half way.

Monday morning came and this was my first drive ever on a road in a Midget.  Prior to that all I’ve done is spin it round on the drive, so this first drive was a bit of an eye opener. I know it is called a Midget but it is small and the drive to the MOT station was thankfully soon over. What I didn’t expect was to turn around and head home so soon.  Despite pre-booking it, the MOT man wasn’t in so no chance of a MOT today.

Not one to waste  a chance of a run home I hooked up the Innovate LC-1 to the laptop and logged the return journey.  I didn’t need the LC-1 to tell me it was lean – the throttle bodies did a good job doing that with all their spitting.  Once home a quick +10% fuel hike across the main rev range that I was running in, and a general smoothing of the fuel table ready for Tuesday.

Tuesday’s run to the MOT station was much better and the fuelling appeared far improved and no spitting from the old gal today. The car even felt more solid to drive despite not having done anything other than a quick cut and polish in the morning.

On to the MOT and there was a surprised face when the bonnet was lifted – he wasn’t expecting a 16v engine. The MOT test went fine with the examiner commenting on the solid condition on the Midget. Not surprising really considering the number of panels that were replaced. One headlight needed adjusting but everything else was fine and even the brakes were very evenly balanced side to side.

Leaving the MOT station I switched on the AFR logging and the result was a much richer mix in the 12 – 14:1 range.  That will do for the moment as it makes the thing drivable. Once home the headlight surrounds were fitted then it was time to pose…


So just under 3 years and 3 months and the ebay Midget was reborn. Now to make it handle like a Porsche….