More tweaks

I’ve been rather slack regards updates so here’s the last 8 months in one post.

The front dampers have been replaced with MGB units fitted to some Mamba Motorsport adapters.  The only real issue was that one damper ended up with some air in it and offered zero damping. Once this was cleared they worked fine.  The only slight reservation is that there isn’t as much droop before the shock bottoms out.     


One problem with the Midget is that it isn’t designed for people near on 6’2″ in height. This means that seat selection is crucial in order to fit comfortably. Therefore when I had the chance of a pair of Caterham seats I grabbed them.  They fitted nicely and it really feels like I’m sitting on the floor – they’re that low. They also are quite comfortable and even Mrs S likes them.


The final obvious tweak has been the new grille that was picked up for £20. It looks much smarter than the original black grille but part of me still quite likes the original grille.