Rear bulkhead – pt 2

Rather a late update as I’m now tackling the toe boards but the rear bulkhead is temporarily in position. Due to the lack of good edges to align panels to I’m taking a cautious approach and only welding what I have to initially and using Cleco clips where possible.

Here is the rear bulkhead repair section clipped in place.


..and this is the interior view where it has been partially welded.  There is nothing holding the sills at the rear so there isn’t really any strength in the side of the car, but fortunately the transmission tunnel is sound so hopefully when the sill is removed from the front it will still hold together.


Yes, I know there is no cut out for the spring hanger box section but at this stage I had no reference point as to where it goes.

The final picture for today shows the inner rear bulkhead clipped into place. Also the spring hanger section has been fitted and held in with Cleco clips and a repair section along the top of the bulkheads has been tacked into place.  When I’m happy everything aligns ok then they will be welded into place.


I have already started cutting the toe board away but no pictures yet so that will have to wait for another day.

Rear bulkhead

Managed a couple of hours slowly removing the offside rear bulkhead.  It has been slow progress due to the number of patch repairs in the past and I wanted to retain some reference points for aligning the replacement panels.

Good job I’ve a tiled floor in the garage – it will feature in a lot of photos for the time being.



The plan is to make a replacement rear outer bulkhead. I have a replacement inner panel and a new spring hanger box section plus floor pan.  Lots more cutting away and rest removal before I even get close to fitting in a new panel.