Screen Surround

After stripping all the interior from the GT6 and carefully cutting out the windscreen it was time to sort out the screen pillars. There was very little strength in the pillars and at some point in the past they gave way (when the front of the roof was cut out?) and the bulkhead sagged under the weight of the doors. First job was to push the bulkhead into position with a 10 tonne ram. There was no evidence that the door hinges had been adjusted so the doors were used as a reference for repositioning the bulkhead . When they could be opened easily and the bottom of the door roughly aligned with the sill it was deemed to be in the right location and some angle iron was welded across the door gap. The passenger side was braced with an adjustable door bar.

Hydraulic ram used to position the bulkhead

The car came with the side pillars and top of a Spitfire screen surround and this was grafted into place one side at a time. The old screen & seal was used to ensure that the opening was the correct size and shape. The internal section of the original top screen surround was retained and the new surround welded to that. Without a roof section there were no reference points so this was the best option.

Offside half of the Spitfire screen pillar tacked into place.
Nearside pillar about to be tacking into place. More fabrication required to fill the voids.

Once the pillars were tacked into place the roof section was repaired using several strips of steel bent, stretched and shrunk to roughly match the desired contour. There was a supplied roof repair section but that just didn’t look like it would fit plus I didn’t fancy the flange along the top of the screen.

Next up was to put some more metal into the upper section of the A pillar. This meant removing the doors so the door alignment was double checked at this point to ensure that the ram & door bar were still holding the bulkhead in the right place.

Just the start, more fabrication required once the door was removed.