Assistance needed

With the GreenStuff pads fitted the braking has been what I’d expect from a non assisted setup and is similar to that of the Westfields I’d owned previously. A good firm push will really slow the car down and it is possible to lock the brakes. However jumping from a fully assisted Volvo or Porsche into the Midget does highlight the difference in pedal effort. Therefore it was time  to fit a brake servo primarily to boost the initial braking action.  Having sought  advice from the K Midget Facebook group I ordered a Powertune 1.6:1 unit from MGBHive and waited for it to arrive.

In the meantime I had a set of 256 & 264 HKS cams arrive for the 4A-GE and today the camshaft oil seals arrived so out into the man cave I went. The camshafts were fitted in about an hour (the 256 went on the inlet and the 264 on the exhaust)  and then the courier arrived with the servo which was hastily un-boxed….


Fook it is big!! I was hoping it would fit in the gap between the brake master cylinder and the wheel arch but being 7.5″ diameter there was no way it was going in. It was now looking like either an expensive paper weight or else it was a long job ahead

A cuppa and an early lunch later and it was time to man up and pull the offside wing off the Midget. Fortunately one of the K Midget boys had posted a pic of the servo mounted under the wing so I knew it was doable.


Here’s the servo fitted and plumbed in before refitting the wing and below is the finished job with next to nothing visible although the camera didn’t pick up the wing edge.


Due to the rain a brief test was carried out on the gravel drive and I can confirm that the brakes do work although they probably need another bleeding.