Swift Midget

Having sorted out the rear end I’ve been playing with the DTA ECU mapping lately. I’m still running a bit rich at low throttle openings and this is reflected in the high fuel consumption, although that also isn’t helped by the short trips and heavy acceleration.  The acceleration is one area where it has improved and the rear end upgrades saw the  0-60 times drop from 8.1 to 7.4 seconds. After the last round of fettling with the ECU the 0-60 time is now a brisk 6.5 seconds


I’m not expecting any major improvements now until I splash out on a rolling road session. To clock a 6.5 sec run means I must be pushing out close to the 122bhp that the 4AGE engine used to deliver in the MR2 so any future gains will need more accurate measurement – namely a rolling road.