Slow progress

It has been a while (nearly 5 months!!) since I posted an update on the Midget.  Unlike my mate Crispin who is making progress on his 106 Rallye, the Midget seems to be dragging on and on. With a weeks annual leave to use up I cracked on with the target being to get the underside epoxy coated and stone chipped and get the chassis back on to axle stands. However come day three I realised that this wasn’t achievable due to other dependencies.

The first non chassis task was to modify the gearbox tail to position the gear lever further forward.  The tail was removed and carefully measured and the cut lines marked.


Cutting commenced and almost immediately there were sparks from the rear cut – I’d just managed to clip the sleeved bearing. No problem really and once removed  was cleaned up, the oil seal removed and then welded by a local chap.

While it was away attention turned back to the chassis and more cleaning up in preparation for coating the underside was done.

Today, while doing some more tweakng for the gearbox I managed to slice a finger on the cutting disc in the angle grinder. Carelessness stopped play.