New Toy

Today (13th March 2011) I took delivery of my latest project but quite why I chose this car is unsure. I was at Race retro the other week and tried out a race Midget for size and was surprised that I fitted fine. One week later and I’m on ebay and bidding on a 1970 car that was “for spares or restoration”.  Worryingly this car was on the road in the summer of 2009 but there are holes in the floor, sills, A posts, B posts, wheel arches – and that is before I strip anything off it.  Over the next few days I’ll be organising the shed so that there is space to work on the Midget before I get cracking on it and get to see what is salvageable.

One good thing I’ve already noticed is that there is more headroom in the Midge than the TVR S3. Legroom isn’t quite as good but with some GRP seats that issue can be resolved.  Here’s a shot of the interior – and this is the best part of the car!


First job is to sort out the paper work and get the V5C and V890 to DVLA.  Time for a stiff drink now.